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Treadmill Workout #2

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Since my last treadmill post it has gotten considerably colder outside. Today's high here in Chicago is a whopping 12 degrees that does NOT take into account windchill! Brrrrrr...if you're like me and don't want to get out and pound the pavement in frigid temps like this here's another treadmill alternative just for you!

*Please take note of the RPE chart at the end of the page to gauge where YOU will be at when working out!

Always start with a good warm-up on your treadmill.
I recommend starting with a good fast walk for at least 5 minutes
Next, up your speed to an easy pace for 2 minutes
Then walk for 60-90 seconds
Repeat 3 times
Next, up your speed to a faster/harder pace for 3 minutes
Then walk for 60-90 seconds
Repeat 3 times

Add-on's for a longer run:
Keep your previous pace (or up it if you'd like) for 4 minutes
Then walk for 60-90 seconds
Repeat 2-3 times
Still want more???
Keep your previous pace (or up it if you'd like) for 5 minutes
Then walk for 90-120 seconds
Repeat 2-3 times

***No matter the distance, always end a run with a cool down and stretching***
Cool down with a 2 minute fast walk followed by a 3 minute slow walk. Stretch hamstrings, hip flexors, quadriceps, calves and more if you'd like! Maintaining flexibility is just as important as cardio and strength training. Might as well get it in now that you're thoroughly warmed up from this awesome treadmill run!!!
Every session ends with assisted stretching for clients at the end of every workout!

*Pace/speed is relative to the person. Upping the speed may be going to 4mph for one person while for someone else it may be 8mph. Go at YOUR pace! This is YOUR treadmill workout. Make it challenging for yourself but not over the top!
Here is a Rate of Perceived Exertion chart (RPE) to gauge where YOU are at. On your warm-up you should be around 9-11. An easy run is 11-14. Harder more challenging runs should be at 15-17 with a 90 second recovery walk at a 11-13. Cool down should gradually come down from 15 down to 9 in increments!
rpe tall chart

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