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Making Time for Fitness

I love FB memories. It gives us a glimpse into the past.
Photo memories come up often of when I began my meal prepping, workouts, runs and other things that royally annoy people on FB these days. 
As I went on a run this morning I reminisced about the days when I started meal prepping, running, working out and posting all of these things to FB to (hopefully) encourage others. At the time my kids were younger. I had an office job. I was taking part time college classes. I car-pooled my kids and neighbor kids outside the district to a private school. My kids had their extra curricular activities. We were also running a children's program. We had meetings and volunteered outside of our jobs. We were BUSY....BUSY! And among all the busyness of that time I managed to workout 3-5 days a week. I prioritized it because it made me feel good. I had more energy to get through my busy day. It was time, just for me, to think or not think, to dream. I don't say any of this to guilt anyone. I just want you to know that I totally get it...the busyness of life.

So here are a few ways *I* made it work during that time of my life. Everyone's schedule is different; this is what I did and what worked for me.
*I packed a gym bag the night before. Change of clothes, towel, hair dryer, make-up, hair crap, deodorant...everything. I drove the kids to school, went to the gym, worked out, showered and got ready in the locker room and went to work! Was it glamorous? Nope, but it was TOTALLY worth it because it set the tone for the day, I got my exercise in early and had my whole day ahead.
*I got up early on Saturday morning to make it to a spin class.
*When my daughter had dance classes rather than sit and wait for her I parked the car, watched her go into her class and then I went for a 30-45 minute run getting back in time to cool down and stretch before she came out.
*At home I positioned fitness equipment in front of a T.V. because lets face it…workouts can get pretty damn boring alone with or without music indoors. I didn’t care if it didn’t go with my décor, I could watch a show that kept my interest, still be around my family and it made working out doable and more enjoyable than the thought of sweating it out in a dank basement alone.
*Food: I packed my snacks and lunch for work the night before…just like I packed my kids lunches I usually had my own lunch with me at work.

This was not all at once. This was over the course of months/years. It wasn’t perfect all the time. Some days/weeks were better than others. It took time to make those things happen. It didn’t all happen overnight, I implemented small changes over time and got creative if I had to. Think outside the box of what other people are doing and fit exercise in where you can...even if it's just a quick 10 minutes. 

How can you make it work for you?
*Working out, going to the gym or training at CORE Fitness before or right after work.
*Going for a walk after dinner. Delegate dishes, leftovers and clean-up and go for a walk, run or bike ride!
*Kids have various sports activities? Do what I did! DO NOT just sit there! Go for a walk, a run, get a bike rack and bring your bike. Grab another parent and go together....Do something! I think this is the PERFECT time to get moving!!!
*Weekends! I know they're still busy times but weekend workouts are often much more feasible to fit in for most people.

The motivation may not always be there. Tell yourself you're just going to do 10 minutes of something and more often than not that 10 minutes turns into 15, 20, 30 minutes. Once you get going and those endorphin's
kick in, your mood changes and the exercise feels good.

I get the busy life of work, kids, school, activities, making dinner at the end of the day while looking forward to some kind of down time. Because it was an aspect of life that was important to me I made it work for me and so can you…if you want it.
If you don’t that’s really OK! Just be honest about your why. Saying I’m busy is an easy out. Saying “I’m just not ready” or “I don’t want to” or “It’s not a priority right now” is being much more honest with yourself.

Your health and wellness are important and I hope that in your day of going-going-going you too take time to make exercise and any goals you may have a priority. Make Today Count!

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