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Making Time for Fitness

I love FB memories. It gives us a glimpse into the past.
Photo memories come up often of when I began my meal prepping, workouts, runs and other things that royally annoy people on FB these days. 
As I went on a run this morning I reminisced about the days when I started meal prepping, running, working out and posting all of these things to FB to (hopefully) encourage others. At the time my kids were younger. I had an office job. I was taking part time college classes. I car-pooled my kids and neighbor kids outside the district to a private school.

CORE Fitness. Going Strong!

CORE Fitness is busy and going strong thanks to many great clients, friends, word of mouth, great training, results and an awesome private studio atmosphere.

When I embarked on this endeavor over a year and a half ago it was something that sort of evolved over time and then quickly needed to launch, which meant I had to act FAST.

At the time there were just a couple of people that thought I didn't go about fulfilling MY endeavor/MY dream the "right" way, or thought I should have done things differently.