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Christmas Hustle and Bustle-Ways to Beat Stress

We all know that the days and weeks leading up to Christmas can be hectic, crazy and stressful. We want to make sure we've made our lists and checked them twice not forgetting anyone. There are so many people to think about. Kids, moms, dads, grandparents, cousins, nieces and nephews, teachers, coaches, friends and neighbors not to mention the mail carrier, paper deliverer etc...etc...There's cooking and baking, decorating and wrapping, preparing and sharing. All of this takes place while the routine of daily life must go on.

A Survival Guide to Holiday Parties

 Thanksgiving Day officially kicks off the holiday season of shopping, parties, food and treats. But unlike the pilgrims who stored their harvest for the coming cold months when food was scarce we continue the food orgy of the holidays for an entire month or more. We give in all too often to the aromatic food and beverages scents that beckon us to indulge in the magic of the season…after all it only comes around once a year, right? These once a year indulgences give the average American a robust 2-5 lbs weight gain during this festive season.